Answer: To book our tours, if you can't do it directly from the site, just write us using the appropriate request form, you can also send a message on whats app directly to us. We will reply as soon as possible, we can talk to you and we will give you what you need.
Answer: To pay it is very simple and 100% secure, we will send you an email protected by paypal for payment by credit card, even prepaid , you will not have to give the card details to anyone but you will only have to insert them in the appropriate form, and is simple and 100% secure. If you have a paypal account you can also pay directly from your account without having to use the card. Only the American express does not work.
Answer: No, you don't have to pay now. In fact, if the trip you want to book you will do only in two months, you can book it now and then we'll send you the payment request with payment expiration 10 days before the trip, so you decide when to pay it but you're sure to do it because you have already booked it.
Answer: Yes, it is possible . You will wait for the minibus to come to pick you up from your hotel for the scheduled trip and load your bags on the minibus with you. They will keep them during the trip in a room dedicated to luggages and you can then resume them when the trip is over. They will take you to the new hotel or final destination you gave us. This has a cost that is usually 500 thb per person. ** If, for example, you are in Khao Lak and you need to go to Phuket and want to do an excursion, you can do it and you will have a free transfer…. Make the morning trip from Khao Lak (for example the Similan Island) and at the end of the trip you have your hotel booked in Phuket, you pay only 500 thb more for the luggage and the normal price of the trip, here you have saved on the transfer.
Answer: Of course, in these cases there is a full refund of what you have paid. In the event that the tour is moved to a new date and you can still participate because maybe you are still in that location then it will be rebooked for the first available day. If, on the other hand, you can no longer participate in it, for example, the next day you have to flight back, at which point you will be totally reimbursed
Answer: As you may have seen, we offer numerous complete holiday packages, but as you know there are always many variables to consider (flights, hotels, dates) that change prices throughout the year. So the best thing is to ask us for an updated quotation by giving us the information via email or wherever you like (whats app, Facebook page) essential to us to give you a correct and timely quote: how many are you, where do you start from, your travel dates and what you want to see. With these informations we are able to proceed with the formulation of the travel budget correctly.
Answer: Of course ! Holiday is your and we must to give to you only the best, to do this we need to meet your tastes and expectations. So we will always be able to make all the changes you want in the program, a different itinerary or different hotels or something else, we are here to give you what you are dreaming!
Answer: Once you have confirmed with an email your intention to book a travel package we will proceed as follows: a) deposit of 30% of the total amount to book the trip and start making us book everything (guides, hotels, flights). b) Final balance one month before the departure date tour c) If there are flights in your travel package, the amount of the flights must be paid in full with the deposit in order to give us the possibility to book them in advance and to keep the price as seen before.
Answer: You have two possible payment methods: FIRST METHOD, credit card or paypal account, +4% commission SECOND METHOD, bank transfer to our account in Thailand , details below: Bank: Kasikornbank - Jungceylon Branch 181 rat-u-thid 200 pee rd.- Patong Beach, Phuket Current account number: 0231907912 Current account holder: Thanawan Saengpoo Swift address: KASITHBK Telex: 81159
Answer: Below you can find our cancellation policy but before you leave, it's a tip, do not hesitate to take out an accident/cancellation insurance, it protects you from unpleasant surprises abroad and protects you in the best possible way in case of cancellations close to the departure, so that you do not lose almost nothing in case of cancellation. Just ask us and we will advise you on the best and cheapest solution. Our cancellation policy for travel is clear and you can find it below: In case of cancellation, if received before 10 days from the date of departure of the tour you will be refunded 70% of the total amount ordered, including reservations for bungalows or rooms in boat / hotel, the cost of these will be refunded to 70% as the rest. From the ninth day to a week before if you cancel the trip will be refunded 50% of the total amount ordered, minus the cost of any rooms for the night (in the case of trips with reservation of bungalows or rooms in boat / hotel, the cost of these will not be 'refunded). From the sixth day to one day before the date of the trip you lose 75%, after this limit you lose 100% of the amount. As for the refund of flights, we will refund those possible and lost those not refundable.
Answer: Thailand can be visited all year round as the weather changes a lot from area to area and therefore depending on the month we choose, we will always find some area less rainy and more welcoming. We start immediately saying that the country has two main seasons, a dry season and a wet season: the dry season is from November to Apile, while the wet and wetter season goes from May to October. But this division into two main seasons has some exceptions, in fact in the Gulf of Thailand (for instance Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao) the end of July and August are good times to visit these 3 islands because the sea is basically calm and the days sunny and not too humid. Koh Chang, Koh Mak and Koh Kut, in the extreme east of the Gulf of Thailand have a climate very similar to the Andaman Sea (similar to Phuket although they are in the Gulf) and therefore should be visited mainly during the dry season and then from November to April and are islands rather rainy and often during November and April the weather is not pleasant. One of the least rainy islands in the country is Koh Samed, a beautiful pearl a few kilometers south of Pattaya and north of Koh Chang, with little frequent rainfall throughout the year and very cool and recommended from November to April. The part of the Andaman Sea exposed to the ocean (Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe), during the wet season is more affected by frequent rains of monsoon type, with passages of great disturbances that sometimes insist even for several days inevitably ruining the stay at the sea. There is no shortage of beautiful days but let's say that you have to be a bit lucky, if you are not, you risk spending days indoors because unable to get out of the rains frequent and often violent, monsoon beating and stormy. In Thailand there are no typhoons that instead violently hit the Philippines and then say that it is difficult to find a time so 'extreme, just say, that even during the rainy season, there are few days when they are suspended tours, which continue virtually all year round with closures required only during the passage of strong monsoons. We have talked so far about the sea, the south of the country ... as for Bangkok, you can go all year round, even if the dry season has a clearer sky and less humidity, a factor that sometimes becomes heavy, combined with high temperatures. The north of Thailand, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, can also be visited all year round, they do not present intense monsoon rains but short and not strong showers, and during the wet season can be affected by showers that can last for 2-3 days, no more. From December to January, in the north of Thailand, the climate can be cool/cold, especially during the early morning and evening and you have to cover yourself because the temperatures can drop to 12 degrees or less, depending on whether you are on the mountains, where temperatures can drop a lot with peaks of a few degrees above zero. Ask us for advice to meet good weather, we will direct you to the right place, at the right time and ... good Thailand to all!