The ancient city of Ayutthaya can be considered an island set between three rivers: the Chao Phraya River, the Lopburi River and the Pa Sak.
One of the most classic photographs of Ayutthaya is the sculpture of the head of Buddha, set in the tree branches, although the sculpture may appear majestic, it is surprising that they are just over 40 cm.
The ruins of the ancient city form the so-called "Ayutthaya Historical Park", which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
During his best years Ayutthaya was a metropolis with three royal palaces, 375 temples and 94 gates to the city, protected by 29 defensive fortresses.
French, Portuguese, British, Dutch and Japanese lived in its urban districts, separated by about 1 000 000 Siamese.
The Europeans owned their own churches, including the 18th-century St. Joseph's Cathedral, which still exists today.


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Ayutthaya and Bang Pa-In tour

A great day in the history of this country with a ancient kingdom and a royal palace ...

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Classic tour of Ayutthaya

Currently the ruins of the ancient city formed the so-called " Ayutthaya Historical Park ," which is one of UNESCO ...


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