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14 DAYS– Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Kanchanburi, Angkor Wat and Ko Samed sea.


Great opportunity to visit the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat, an incredible monumental complex, but first it is time to visit Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi on some memorable day between city and nature and rivers. Then sea, a lot of sea, the sea of ​​ko Samed, crystalline and placid, with its beautiful white beaches, ko Samed will be able to give you days of true relaxation.

A beautiful and complete program for a great vacation with the quality and smile of Amici Miei.


Arrival in Bangkok, our private taxi and hotel accommodation (see hotel list at the bottom)

Dinner on board the Wonderful Pearl on the Bangkok River

Spend a different evening on this luxurious and comfortable boat



Visit Gran Palace (Royal Palace) and Wat Phra Kaew

The Grand Palace, the royal residence of Bangkok with all its splendor will be your first destination on this day of discovery of the Thai capital

Wat Pho

Hyper-visit to the falconing Buddha lying down

Visit Wat Arun

One of Bangkok’s most picturesque temples, overlooking the river

Visit Wat Traimith (Golden Buddha)

The temple of the Golden Buddha, 5500 kg. of solid gold, is at the Wat Traimith …. unmissable.

Visit Chinatown

The views, sounds and smells of Chinatown are an assault on the senses, so visitors should be prepared. But for anyone with a sense of adventure, a day lost among the many streets of the market and street food vendors can be the most memorable of any shopping in Bangkok. Because of the mix of Chinese and Thai cultures this area is unique and fascinating, especially for photographers who will find breathtaking temples, exotic street food and everyday street scenes that beg to be captured in a movie .. Just be sure to wear the more comfortable shoes and get ready for the heat!



Palace Bang Pa In

Before visiting Ayutthaya, we make an interesting stop at the Royal Palace of Bang Pa-In, also known as Summer Palace, is a complex of buildings once used by Siamese rulers of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. The palace is located on the Chao Phraya River in the Bang Pa-In district of the Ayutthaya Province, 20 km south of the ancient capital of Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya, the Archaeological Park

The splendor of Ayutthaya’s past is seen in the few ruins, the city is considered one of the most beautiful cities in all of Indochina and must have been wonderful during the years of its primacy.
Visit Wat Maha That (more than 600 years of history and recognized as the most important in the history of Ayutthaya), the Wat Na Phra Mane (one of the best preserved monuments), among the most important buildings, was the main military command during the invasion period and inside it is preserved the most important statue representing the Buddha.
With our guide you can spend a day of culture and at the same time of leisure, you will certainly keep a nice memory of this day in the heart of Siam.



Visit the Maeklong Railway Market Train Market

Picturesque and unique, this market to live must necessarily be dynamic otherwise the train would crush all the goods ?
So arm yourself with a camera because when you get on the train you will have fun
The Maeklong Railway Market is truly a gem and is very close to the Floating Market.

Visit Floating Market

The Floating Market Damnoen Saduak is the most famous market in Bangkok (although it is almost 2 hours drive), take a boat and will guide you through the characteristic channels full of exotic and fresh merchandise, all set on boats for what It has become a very picturesque and original trade.
It is still the most famous, unique and inimitable floating market.

Visit Bridge on the Kwai River

Fascinating view of the bridge made famous by the book of Pier Boulle then became an epic film in 1957 directed by David Lean.

Visit HellFire Pass Memorial Museum

Known by locals as the Chong Khao Kad Museum, it is part of the Death Railway cruelly built by prisoners of war during the Second World War.
Hellfire or Chong Khao Kad is the point where the railroad was to cut the mountain, which was really impossible, but the prisoners of war were forced to use hand drills, picks and shovels to sculpt the rock so that a train could to pass. The 500-meter long pass was completed incredibly in six months in 1943, with many lives sacrificed.
The passage is no longer in use and is a museum that displays tools and photographs related to the historical event to remind people of the importance of world peace.

Dinner at the River Kwai Jungle Raft (your resort for the night)

Very romantic and special, the dinner a few steps from the water of the river by candlelight gives the idea of ​​a real holiday.

Dance Show Mon

You will be cheered by the music and dances of a local tribe, the Mon



Visit Erawan Falls

Fabulous trip to the Erawan Falls, which are part of the homonymous Natural Park.
The many levels of the waterfalls will make you walk about an hour before arriving at the top of the waterfall
but you will be repaid by the bathrooms you can do, in fact the waterfalls are arranged on 7 levels and each lower part of each level we find natural pools with inviting and warm water, ideal.
The rocks of the waterfalls seem made to welcome us, we can dive or slide between the levels.

Haven Kanchanaburi Elephant Sanctuary

A real Sanctuary of the Elephants where to admit and assist these beautiful animals.
You can go swimming with the elephants and understand their beauty without doing damage.

Visit Nakhon Pathom

You are going to visit the highest pagoda in the world, 127 meters and very few know it, so visit its very high golden stupa, very impressive, with the Buddha standing inside, it is a very nice and well kept pagoda . Around the pagoda you will visit an evocative and colorful market. Return to Bangkok


GIORNO 6 – BANGKOK- SIEM REAP(CAMBOGIA), trasferimento via terra con auto privata

Questa mattina un autista vi verrà a prelevare dal vostro hotel per accompagnarvi al confine cambogiano. Una volta sbrigate le faccende doganali sarete in Cambogia e un autista del nostro team in Cambogia vi porterà a Siem Reap ( Angkor Wat) al vostro hotel e dopo un attimo di riposo sarete pronti nel pomeriggio per iniziare le vostre visite. Oggi visiterete il lago vicino a Siem reap ed un incredibile villaggio sulle palafitte e vedrete come vivono gli abitanti tra la terra e l’acqua, domani sarà la volta di Angkor Wat e le sue meraviglie.

Visita Tonle Sap Lake

Giunti a Kampong Phluk , si attraverserà in barca lo straordinario e autentico villaggio su palafitte dove potrete osservare la vita locale e le antiche tradizioni della lavorazione del pesce.
Andrete anche a vedere la “foresta sommersa”, una zona molto suggestiva, una vera e propria foreste allagata da un metro o piu’ di acqua .
A seguire , sempre in barca continuerete a navigare finche il canale s’immettera’ nel Lago Tonle Sap e vi troverete come in mare aperto , tanto e’ l’estensione di questo lago infatti, vi sembrera’ un mare , il Lago Tonle Sap rappresenta un efficiente bacino naturale di compensazione per il Mekong , il grande fiume, poichè è in grado di contenere l’enorme aumento di acqua dovuto alle pioggie monsoniche e all’imponente portata del Mekong durante la stagione dello scioglimento dei ghiacciai in Tibet.

Serata libera a Siem Reap

Chiedete al nostro autista di accompagnarvi in centro la sera o , ancora piu’ interessante, di portarvi a cenare in un posto tipico cambogiano…con pochi dollari vi fara’ da Cicerone e avrete anche la compagnia di una brava persona.



Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the most famous temple inside the religious archaeological site of Angkor and it is also the largest temple in the world ever built, its name means “temple of the city”. Originally built as a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu, it was transformed into a Buddhist temple in the 14th century, and so Buddha was added later. Its construction is dated 1113-1150. The central tower is surrounded by four smaller towers and a series of fences, a layout that recreates the image of Mount Meru, a legendary place in Hindu mythology that is said to be beyond of the Himalayas and be the home of the gods. This incredible religious site is an excellent example of Khmer architecture, UNESCO has established a wide-ranging program to protect this symbolic site and its surroundings and Angkor Wat is also the best preserved in the area.

Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider)

The trees that grow out of the ruins are perhaps the most distinctive feature of Ta Prohm and “have driven more writers to a descriptive excess of any other characteristic of Angkor”. Two species predominate, but the sources do not agree on their identification: the largest is the cotton-silk tree (Ceiba pentandra) or Thitpok Tetrameles nudiflora, and the smallest is the strangler fig (Ficus gibbosa) or apple golden (Diospyros decandra). Maurice Glaize, a scholar of Angkor, observed: “From all sides, in fantastic dark shadows, the trunks of cotton trees soar to the sky under a green and shady canopy, the long skirts that widen and their endless roots curl up more like reptiles that plants “. Tomb Raider has strengthened the narrative of a site in Angkor Wat of discoveries, adventures and explorations that have not always been useful for the conservation of the site. Ta Prohm is now called the “Tomb Raider Temple” and, as Winter writes, blurs the “boundaries between authenticity, reality and fiction” until Angkor is reduced to “a visual spectacle, culturally and historically disarmed”.

Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple

The Bayon is a well-known and richly decorated Khmer temple at Angkor in Cambodia. Built between the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries as the official temple of the Buddhist King Mahayana Jayavarman VII, the Bayon is located in the center of Jayavarman’s capital, Angkor Thom. After the death of Jayavarman, it was modified and augmented by the Theravada Hindu and Buddhist kings according to their religious preferences. The most distinctive feature of the Bayon is the multitude of serene and smiling stone faces on the numerous towers that protrude from the upper terrace and cluster around its central peak. The temple is also known for two impressive series of bas-reliefs, which present an unusual combination of mythological, historical and banal scenes. The current central body of the Japanese government team for the protection of Angkor (the JSA) described the temple as “the most obvious expression of the Baroque style” of the Khmer architecture, in contrast to the classical style of Angkor Wat

Phnom Bakheng Temple

Phnom Bakheng in Angkor, Cambodia, is a Hindu and Buddhist temple, dedicated to Shiva, built on a hill with the same name, where the first city was founded. It was here that Yasovarman transferred his capital from Roluos. Its capital, called Yasodharapura, was larger than Angkor Thom, which arrived later, and was centered around the hill of Phnom Bakheng. The Bakheng temple design borrowed from the Bakong was built 20 years earlier. Both are stepped pyramids of ascending square terraces. We know that temple work began at the end of the ninth century. The temple was called Yasodharesvara, due to its protecting divinity, which means Lord bringing glory. In 928 the temple was abandoned, only to be briefly rehabilitated in 968 by Jayavarman V.



Today you will return to Thailand, once you reach the border a Thai driver will accompany you to the port in front of Ko Samed, from the confie in less than three hours you will be at the port for the fast motorboat that will take you on an island where you can enjoy a few days of sea ​​and true relaxation … Ko Samed is a pearl bathed by a crystal clear sea less than three hours from Bangkok, is a destination for the weekend of Bangkok citizens who come to rally after the week in the city. Still not too built, Ko Samed also holds the record of island with the lowest number of rainy days throughout the year, so even the rains here are infrequent and practically absent on high season days, from November to April. It is an ideal island to spend days in peace and without the noise of cars.

Arrival at Ko Samed resort

Here you are at the sea, from now on it is time for relaxation





Today you will return to Bangkok, directly at the airport for your return flight. You will then take the motorboat that will take you back to the departure port in just 10 minutes, where your driver will drive you to Bangkok airport or hotel, where you want, in less than three hours by private car.



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-Bangkok – Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11

4 nights

A 10-minute walk from Nana Skytrain Station, Solitaire Bangkok offers 4-star comfort and spacious accommodation with free Wi-Fi. It features an outdoor pool and a breakfast buffet.
There is unlimited internet access, quick calls to hotel services and travel guides.
The air-conditioned rooms feature a flat-screen cable TV and international power sockets. The en suite bathroom includes bathrobes and a hairdryer.
A gym, a business center and a steam room are on site.


-Kanchanaburi – River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort , 4 stelle

1 notte

Immerso nella foresta tropicale, l’albergo galleggiante River Kwai Jungle Rafts offre camere a basso impatto ambientale costruite su zattere di bambù e adagiate lungo le acque del fiume Khwae Noi, nella provincia di Kanchanaburi.

Per garantirvi una maggiore tranquillità e un’atmosfera unica, le sistemazioni del River Kwai Rafts presentano un’illuminazione tramite lanterne anziché energia elettrica. Ogni alloggio vanta inoltre pareti create intrecciando piante di bambù locali, arredi in legno, un bagno interno e una terrazza all’aperto con lettino e amaca.


Siem Reap – Beyond Yangon Boutique Inn , 4 stelle 

2 notti

Situato a Siem Reap, a 300 metri da King’s Road Angkor, il Beyond Yangon Boutique Inn offre la connessione WiFi gratuita in tutte le aree. La struttura si trova a circa 6 minuti a piedi da Pub Street, a 7 km da Angkor Wat e a 5 minuti a piedi dal Mercato Vecchio. La struttura si trova a 5 minuti a piedi dal centro commerciale di Angkor.
Le camere dispongono di una scrivania, di una TV a schermo piatto e di un bagno privato. Ogni camera dispone di una macchina da caffè, mentre alcune camere hanno una terrazza e altre vantano anche una vista sulla piscina. Le sistemazioni del Beyond Yangon Boutique Inn sono dotate di area salotto.


Ko Samed – Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort, 3 stelle
5 notti

È un’oasi per coloro che desiderano veramente allontanarsi e prendere le distanze dalle preoccupazioni quotidiane. Bungalow molto spaziosi con tocchi romantici come un letto king-size, veranda con vista sull’oceano e doccia privata all’aperto. Sono inoltre dotati di TV via cavo e lettore DVD. Dal minibar potrete gustare frutta fresca e bevande. Amaca oversize legata agli alberi. Sedie a sdraio immerse nella sabbia dalla spiaggia. E alla fine della giornata, torna nella tua casetta privata per un pacifico isolamento per sognare di nuovo. Trattamenti di aromaterapia e massaggi thailandesi disponibili.





– 4 stars hotel in Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and Siem Reap, 3-star resort in Ko Samed, all with breakfast included.
– Authorized tourist guide speaking Italian on all trips, only at sea you will be on your own.
– All inputs included, including Angkor Wat
– All activities and scheduled tours
– All transfers


starting from 3.659 € per person