Dear Friends, Bangkok is a first level international crossroads, it's a megalopolis in which you do not know how people live so close together, so narrow and always clashing its narrow streets, narrow sidewalks, and yet this city 'has much to show, temples and environments and situations that are worth trying. Bangkok to be a minimum inclusive needs at least three nights, even two, but at least two.
Usually to visit Bangkok we offer a full day to see the Royal Palace and the major temples and Chinatown which is the beating heart of the city. And then you can wander with bike tours, or tour to see the one not seen on the first day (there are many attractions in Bangkok, we can still see the Wat Saket, the House of Jim Thompson, the Chatuchak Market, Thonburi with its channels and more).
Then we can even get out of Bangkok to see what it has to offer around and there are so many things, we start with the famous markets outside the city, they call them the Bangkok markets but they are more than an hour from the city ( train market and floating market), then we have Kanchanburi and the river Kwai to the west and the Khao Yai Park and the Kmer temples of Buriram to the east and certainly not forget Ayutthaya to the north ... Bangkok is a must to know a lot of Thailand . ...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR

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BANGKOK 'S GUIDE  will move you on public transport as BTS Sky-Train, Taxi-Boat on the famous Chao Phraya, Tuk Tuk, the ...