Banteay Samrè

The temple of Banteay Samre is associated with the legend of the cucumber king. It tells of a local farmer who cultivated tasty cucumbers in his field. After his first harvest, he introduced some to the king. The king liked cucumbers so much that he ordered the farmer to kill anyone who tried to steal them or enter his farmland.
One day, the king, eager for the taste of cucumbers, went to the field to take some of them. As it was dark, the farmer did not recognize the king and accidentally killed him. Because the king had no children, it was decided that a royal elephant would choose the next king. The elephant was left free and headed for the farmers' field. When the animal knelt before the peasant, it was made king. The royal servants, however, were dissatisfied with the new king and lacked respect, from which the king moved from the palace to the temple of Banteay Samre.
One of the smallest temples in Angkor, the Banteay Samre is named after the people of Samre who lived in the area.
The pediments and architraves of the temples are decorated with very intricate and well-preserved carvings of Hindu mythological stories and Buddhist depictions.

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