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It will be soon one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia still has a very authentic rural aspect, strong traditions, rugged landscapes and a wide and interesting territory enough to capture even the most distracted traveler. Cambodia is also cheap, cheaper than neighboring Thailand has the credentials to grow even if too many stop at Angkor Wat instead of visiting it all. See here how many interesting destinations there are, Amici Miei has selected them to let you visit with its Italian speaking guides, very well prepared.
If you do not stop at the famous monumental complex of Angkor Wat, you will see a beautiful and proud country populated by such good people as the rest of the world, on the other hand ...
Good reading and good Cambodia to all of you...sometimes what you not expect happen!

Destinations CAMBODIA


enCAMBOGIA-La capitale di questo paese, Phnom Penh, difficile da scrivere ma facile da amare, ve lo dice un’estimatore di questa citta’ che vi rimarra’ nel cuore..bella e sicura, facile e complessa…ha visto le atrocita’ di un regime schifoso come tutti i regimi, impazzito di egoismo, volevano ammazzare tutti ed... ALL TOURS Phnom penh