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The Erawan Falls in the province of kanchanaburi are a must see, immersed in the homonymous Natural Park and not far from Kanchanaburi itself, once you enter the park you can reach it with a light walk of just over an hour and you will be at the top of the falls . At this point, it will be enough to go down the seven levels that compose it, stopping you to take a bath at the level that most inspires you. The most beautiful for a dip are certainly the levels 3 and 4, the first with a large waterfall and a large blue lake, while the second river creates natural slides fun. You do not need to be too lucky to have the company of some monkey jumping from one branch to another curious. The color of the water and the surrounding environment create a beautiful environment to spend some time different from the usual between nature and these pristine waters that come from places where there are no industrial presences of any kind.



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