Dalat and Nha Trang, central Vietnam

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Discover these two beautiful and different towns in these 5 days that can also be combined with other programs


Day 1: Dalat, the romantic city – mountain (city tour)
Robin hill and cable car
Truc Lam Zen Monastery
Tunnel of clay
Datanla waterfall
Old train station
Xq village of embroidery art
Crazy House

2nd day: Waterfalls, coffee, Tour of the countryside.
Village of Van Thanh flowers
Kho ethnic village
Coffee plantation
Silk factory
Waterfall of the Elephants
Pongour waterfall

3rd day: descent to Nha Trang.
Coffee with morning view
Linh Phuoc Pagoda
Farm of hydrangea flowers.
Breeding of sturgeons and salmon
Stone church
Long Son Pagoda
Agarwood Tower

4th day: Nha Trang, the coastal city
Bai Dai Beach and seafood
Ponarga Tower
Mud bath and sauna

5th day: discovery of the islands
Isle of Mun Mun for Snorkeling, H Isolan Một Island to visit the city, Hon Tam Island for swimming and souvenirs
the island of Hon Mieu for the Tri Nguyen aquarium with hundreds of marine species.


A nice day for the Da Lat city tour with a fantastic panoramic view from the top of Robin Hill, climb the cable car to the Monastery of Truc Lam Zen – the largest Zen Monastery in Vietnam,
Transfer to the Clay Tunnel, you can see the whole city made of clay.



Continue now to the Datanla waterfall, take the roller coaster or walk through a jungle forest to visit it and take beautiful pictures. Lunch after visiting the Datanla waterfall. In the afternoon it is a perfect opportunity for beautiful photos of the romantic architecture deco of the old railway station, the old steam head and the sawtooth track.
Then take a look at the Xq embroidery art village, to learn more about the traditional culture and art that every Vietnamese woman must know before getting married. Now we can not lose the crazy house, one of the 10 best bizzard houses in the world. See how architecture blends with nature to become a place to live. you can visit and take good pictures here.

2nd day: Waterfalls, a love of coffee and a tour of the countryside.
It starts at 8.30 in the morning. continue to go down in the countryside of Dalat, the first place we visit is the flower village of Van Thanh, where you can see many types of flowers such as Lilium, Garofano, Rose, Sunflowers. huge pumpkins, black tomatoes, strawberries (you can buy some here if you want).
Going down to the Tanung Pass we visit a Kho ethnic village, to see how life changes there. Dalat was their land before the French arrived. A visit to a coffee plantation with the different types: robust coffee, arabica, cherry.
See the cricket farm. and try how to eat a cricket. The delicious specialty of Dalat, drink some happy water (rice wine)
You will then go to a silk factory to find out where silk comes from and to see the entire progress of silk making.
Visit the waterfall of elephants, the most torrid waterfall in Dalat and discover the windy cave to get close to the waterfall (be sure to bring the raincoat here).



3rd day: Dalat to Nha Trang (136 km)
After breakfast, transfer to Nha Trang. You will have a cup of coffee at the top of a hill, looking at the city from above, a wonderful view with the sun and the greenhouses, and admire how many small farms in the countryside.
Visit the Linh Phuoc pagoda, a unique pagoda in Vietnam with many floors, the tallest 7-story tower, Vietnam’s biggest bell, the pagoda was decorated with fragments of bowls and bottles of beer.



Visit the hydrangea flower farm, 5 hectares of unique hydrangea flowers, magnificent views of the farm terraces, enjoy the view and take the most beautiful photo with those flowers.
You drive through an area of ethnic minorities with plantations of flowers, vegetables and coffee; breeding of sturgeons and salmon; and also Bidoup – Bidoup National Park for the majestic view of the dark green jungles, the mountains are hidden in the fog, we stop on the way to see some foamy waterfalls that descend from the top of the mountains more than 200 meters high. creating a masterpiece of nature.
Arrive in Nha Trang and visit the only stone pagoda on top of a small mountain, the Long Son pagoda with the giant Buddha statue, the Agarwood tower, a strange masterpiece that you can visit.




4th day: Nha Trang, the marvelous coastal city

In the morning we are on a fantastic coastal road to the beach of Bai Dai (long beach) – enjoy the sun on the beach, try the special seafood, make exciting games on the white sand – one of the most beautiful and clean beaches of Nha Trang for swimming.




In the afternoon, visit the Ponarga tower – the unique ancient architecture of the Cham people and the traditional beliefs of the Brahmans religion. Finally, it is a good opportunity to relax and restore your health at the Thap Ba spa with a hot mineral mud bath, soaking in hot mineral water, sauna and massage therapy, a hot and cold pool and a waterfall. and hydrotherapy (cost excluded).



5th day: discovery of the islands

Transfer to the port of Nha Trang. Start the journey to visit four beautiful islands for snorkeling and other activities. The first is the island of Hon Mun which means black island, where you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in the most beautiful coral reefs of Vietnam. So we continue to go on the island of Hon Mot, during the boat ride, we enjoy the homemade music “Live show” with the guides and staff of the ship and there will be lunchtime with many delicious dishes, then you will jump in water to attend a fruit festival with many kinds of floating bar Nha Trang fruit. The next place is Hon Tam Island. We will stop here to sunbathe, buy souvenirs, swim or before heading to the floating fishing village to see local activities of local fishermen. On the island of Hon Mieu, you can see the Tri Nguyen Aquarium with hundreds of marine species.



Further information:
Transports: private vehicle (= <5 people: 7 parking spaces) (=> 6 people: 16 Van spaces)
Pick up and drop off are made at the hotel in Dalat or anywhere else in the city (pick up at the airport: extra payment: $ 25).
Time of passage of the private vehicle: 8.30am





Entrance fees to all attractions

Driver with half as new

English speaking tour guide

Italian speaking guide on request

Two bottles of water a day per person

3-star hotel with breakfast included


Not included:

Sauna and mud

All that not mentioned


starting from 626 € per person