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KANCHANABURI - In this area, less than 3 hours from Bangkok, there is the most important Sanctuary of the Elephants, the Elephant Haven Thailand, where the beautiful creatures can be approached without damaging them. In fact, unlike the harmful trekking on their backs that we do not sell absolutely, as well as many other operators with conscience, these Sanctuaries take care and treat these magnificent animals very well. They are often found in these sanctuaries just back from years of suffering in some trekking field maybe in Ayutthaya or Phuket ... unfortunately there are still many, but we hope that the stupid habit of going over it is waning and one day will be over, also because of our merit that we have always opposed the use and exploitation of animals in all circumstances.
As you well know we do not sell animal suffering and therefore with Amici Miei you will never see any animal performing for stupid human fun.
Here you will find the best selection of trips with Elephant Haven Thailand, you can also ask now to go to the Elephant Sanctuary from Bangkok, it is possible.