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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is a combination of styles and combinations, the stern, stripped-down style of the communist era and the beautiful colonial facades of the renowned historical center. So a mix of Chinese and French style that leaves well impressed because it gives life to an aesthetic that is not bad at all, rather it is suggestive and also a bit nostalgic. A couple of days in this city are due, among the things to see and the walks to do in the center a couple of days are the minimum to enter the spirit of this fascinating city.
From here also start beautiful hikes and trips, from Halong bay to the sea in Sapa to the north and the mountain, Hanoi is therefore in the middle of unmissable destinations and which greatly characterize Vietnam.
Many holidays in Vietnam leave from Hanoi or Saigon ... if you want to visit the country well, it is best to start from the North and then descend to Saigon during the visit of the can see our holiday packages complete.

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New largest buddhist temple complex in Vietnam and visit Trang, a Scenic Landscape Complex inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage ...