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We are now to present another planet, Bhutan can be considered one of the last survivors to modernity to "development" at any cost, a country that still seems to put first the wellbeing of people more than the cold economic craze and dehumanized. A country to visit for sure those who like nature, the great spaces, the great mountain views, the many flowers and then the people, so many different people to meet, uses and customs of another world, another planet, where not there is a traffic light.
We therefore present packages tested and of great interest for the discovery of this country, Bhutan, which has had the merit of not being caught by large numbers but has always preferred to focus on tourism more 'quality than quantity'.
You will also find a section for trekking, many, famous, unmissable and exceptional walks from the middle level, absolutely to do if you really want to enjoy the mountain and the air of the highest peaks in the world.
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7 days in bhutan

Great opportunity to see Bhutan, the two main towns and many surprises....