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The name Indonesia, which is Indian Islands, was coined by an Englishman in 1850, but it was not too much. Think that the Republic of Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world with 270 million people living on nearly a thousand islands. Truly large numbers for a multicultural population This is an incredible variety of landscapes and situations. You go from completely uninhabited areas and islands, with immense natural spaces to an island like Java, overwhelmed with 148 million people, the most crowded island in the world. Come with us to this extraordinary country.

The best periods of the year to visit Indonesia

The best months to visit Indonesia is from May to September.  So, when in Europe is Summer, this is the best time to visit Indonesia, less humid, fresh evening and blue sky ... in the other months frequent rain could ruin your plans.

Destinations INDONESIA


A holiday in Indonesia means a lot, the country has a lot to offer and the itineraries are designed to make you see the best and designed to meet the requests for visits. You can use your time to visit many different things, Indonesia is incredibly diverse and fascinating in this section we try to give you the best with the most real and... ALL TOURS Holiday in indonesia