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Inle Lake is a freshwater lake located in the mountains of Shan State in Burma. It is the second largest lake in Myanmar with an estimated area of ​​72 square kilometers, with a length of about 22 km and a maximum width of 11 km, the Inle lake is inhabited by the Intha, "the sons of the lake", became famous for curious way of fishermen rowing with one leg, while standing on the boats.
Around the lake there are several villages visited, as well as floating gardens and important monasteries.
A visit to Myanmar, without having plowed the waters of Inle Lake is not complete. Actually the Inle Lake is not the only one in the area, and even the greatest (read Pekon and Samkar), but it is certainly the most steeped in culture, villages of stilted, fishermen everywhere, temples, monasteries and pagodas in hovering over the water and of course the tourists too.