Japan is a very heterogeneous country that despite being highly advanced, and also an icon as an avant-garde country, from a technological point of view, preserves customs and traditions that characterize its traditional culture by definition. This fusion makes it a unique country that can be widely appreciated by people with different interests and curiosities.
In fact, Japan is a country capable of stimulating anyone's imagination. Rich in different contexts ranging from images of warriors, samurai, geisha, manga and anime, classic and modern architecture, sushi master-chefs and fast-food chains, at the same time an emblem of tradition and advanced technology.
It represents a truly unique experience that offers unique emotions that remain vivid and indelible in the lives of anyone who comes into contact with this extraordinary culture, making it a suitable place even for those who want to appreciate nature, enjoy relaxation and even play sports.
Precisely because of this multiplicity that characterizes it and to better enjoy its experience in Japan, it is necessary to rely on professionals in the sector in order to optimize the time spent in the country according to one's preferences and above all to ensure that one behaves in respect of culture and local traditions so as not to create misunderstandings. This is possible by choosing one of the many tours that we offer as a result of our experience. The combinations are truly endless ... and can be customized according to your preferences. Japan is a dear country to visit, this must be said for the sake of truth, nothing to do with other Asian countries, we have done everything to contain the costs that still remain important, but don't get discouraged, Japan deserves the sacrifice.

The best times to visit Japan

As for all countries, there are good times and less good times to visit, below is some information to make no mistake when going to Japan. For many reasons the best time is from March to May, in Spring, the days are fresh and the flowers are in splendid bloom and the climate is not sultry or too hot, allowing you to travel around the country without the oppression of damp and of the heat that instead after May they begin to insist. Another excellent period is from mid-October to early December, in Autumn. This is because the weather is dry and the sky is clear, there are not too many visitors and the climate is cool and can also be pungent but not cold. The leaves are colored in red and hundreds of shades creating beautiful play of colors. The Japanese summer is not a good time, in fact from June to September it is very muggy and humid and the rains are very frequent and annoying, forcing you to stay indoors and then it is also the period of typhoons, especially in August. Of positive in the summer there are the many festivals of the country that they organize, the matsuri. Winter is cold and even a little humid, the cold is like that you can find in Northern Italy, so nothing unbearable and will be appreciated by those who practice winter sports or those who don't suffer so much cold. The Japanese have several methods to warm up, one of the most popular is the Kairo, portable warmers that, as big as a phone and can be bought anywhere, heat up continuously for 7-8 hours, here it is used to put it behind your back, in your pocket, anywhere , And cost a few Yen. Winter is perhaps the best time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Japan.


starting from 140 €

Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour 1 day

Discover the beauty of Mt.Fuji with an amazing trip by Hakone Pirate Ship and fly on the sky ...

starting from 130 €

Kyoto Old Town Tour 1 day

This tour will bring you in the history of Japan , the old capital will give you an incredible ...


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