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Kathamandu and its valley, where Hinduism and Buddhism have experienced an important fusion, in fact as these two religions developed and changed, they prospered in Nepal and produced a powerful artistic and architectural fusion starting at least from the 5th century AD, which it really materialized between 1500 and 1800 AD The monuments are characterized by the extraordinary cultural traditions of the Newar, manifested in their unique urban settlements, buildings and structures with intricate ornaments that show exceptional craftsmanship in brick, stone, wood and bronze that are among the most developed in the world.
This is why the Kathmandu valley is a world heritage site with seven groups of monuments and buildings that show the full range of arts for which Kathmandu is world famous. The seven include the squares of Durbar, Hanuman Dhoka (Kathmandu), Patan and Bhaktapur, the Buddhist stupas of Swayambhu and Bauddhanath and the Hindu temples of Pashupati and Changu Narayan. It is a place to visit, very suggestive and full of history from where to start discovering this country on top of the world.

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