KO KUT (Koh Kood)

We find ourselves in the presence of a queen, Ko Kut is often hailed as the perfect Thai island, and it is hard to blame her and argue with such recognition. Supersoft sands are like talcum, the water that laps the bays is clear and there are more coconut palms than buildings.
Unlike its neighbor Ko Chang, here you can forget about the night life or the noise: there is almost nothing here. If you can get out of your hammock, kayaking and snorkeling are the main activities (near Ko Rang is particularly suitable for watching fish).
As large as half of Ko Chang and the fourth largest island in Thailand, Ko Kut (also known as Koh Kood) has long been the resort domain for tourist and elite packages seeking isolation. But the island is becoming more egalitarian, you can now see independent travelers and families, all looking for the perfect island.



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