Koh Lanta, the perfect island for those who want nature and tranquility, on an island that is still on a human scale, calm and peaceful, less than an hour from the nearby and much more popular Phi Phi Island. As you go down south of this island you get the impression that nothing increases and only lovers of nothingness will venture south of Ko Lanta further down Nui Beach, down to Bamboo Beach, the last beach of Koh Lante. The island has beautiful beaches, not crowded even in January and February. Koh Lanta is still out of mass tourism that distinguishes neighboring Phuket. To the south of the island, a few kilometers, there are very small and very beautiful islands that worth the visit and to sleep there too, as Ko Rok, where you can only stop in a tent (see tour) and then Ko Ngai, Ko Kradan, Ko Muk, islands of peace and sea.



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