Destinations MYANMAR


The thousands of temples that we see lying on the plains of Bagan are the most impressive testimony to the religious devotion of the people and the rulers of Myanmar over the years. The wealth of temples around Bagan in terms of quantity and quality can compose one of the richest archaeological sites of Asia and provide a different starting point... ALL TOURS Bagan


For many visitors, the golden rock 7.6 meters high and the golden pagoda which is located on it, 7.3 meters in height, which is said to cover a hair of the Buddha, are the main attraction, but another reason for undertaking the journey above, are the panoramic 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains Mon State, from the summit. The boulder,... ALL TOURS Golden rock pagoda-kyaiktiyo


Il lago Inle è un lago di acqua dolce situato tra le montagne dello Stato Shan in Birmania. È il secondo lago della Birmania con una superficie stimata di 72 km² , con una lunghezza di circa 22 km ed una larghezza massima di 11 km, il lago Inle è abitato dall’etnia Intha, “i figli del lago”, divenuta celebre per il curioso... ALL TOURS Inle lake


Mandalay is the second city of Burma, and it was the head quarter of the royal palace of Konbaung Dynasty, the last monarch of the Burmese kingdom in 1886 was won by British colonial forces. Ratanapunja was the ancient name of the city ‘, and was later given the name’ Mandalay ‘based on the 236 meter high Mandalay Hill,... ALL TOURS Mandalay


Mawlamyine is ‘the door to the south of the country and deserve the visit, boasts a beautiful temple on top of the hill of the city’, and not only that. Mawlamyine was the first capital of British Burma between 1826 and 1852, after the (Tenassarim) Tanintharyi coast, along with Arakan, was ceded to Britain by the Treaty Yandabo at the... ALL TOURS Mawlamyine


Mount Popa is a 1,518 meters high stratovolcano located almost in the center of Burma. On its slopes there are numerous temples that make it a popular destination for pilgrims. Its area is protected by the homonymous national park. A stratovolcano is generally a conical shaped volcano constituted by the superimposition of several layers of... ALL TOURS Monte popa


Mrauk U was once one of the most powerful kingdoms in history. King Rakhine “Min Saw Mon” had founded in 1433. Mrauk U was a leading trade city, during his time, and the abundant networks of channels allowed access to small and large ships passing. It ‘been a place of trade with the Middle East, Asia, Netherlands, Protogallo and... ALL TOURS Mrauk u