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Mountain country, the highest mountain in the world, the birthplace of the Buddha, a stronghold of Buddhism against any Chinese attempt to destroy it, what to say about this country as poor as it is full of history ... is to be seen soon, before change, before it is swept away by modernity and materialism that has already swept away so many countries in Asia. Katmandu, its capital, the Florence of Asia, remains a mythical place, crossroads 60-70 years of the toxic world, a city described on the most beautiful books, has always been at the center of history, art, culture and economy of Nepal, a city to know and love for what it is, a great mix of things and people who are looking for their nirvana in these magical places.

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Kathamandu and its valley, where Hinduism and Buddhism have experienced an important fusion, in fact as these two religions developed and changed, they prospered in Nepal and produced a powerful artistic and architectural fusion starting at least from the 5th century AD, which it really materialized between 1500 and 1800 AD The monuments are... ALL TOURS Kathmandu


Trekking e visite dei luoghi di culto del Nepal, qui trovate la migliore selezione di trekking facili e piu’ impegnativi per scoprire questo paese sui monti dello spirito.