VIETNAM PACKAGE HOLIDAY-In this section you will find a great selection of holiday packages to visit and learn about Vietnam, from the most classic to some "new entry" with days also in other countries, the Vietnam and Cambodia or Vietnam Cambodia and Laos mix are now in great demand. or with Thailand.
Obviously we talk about private packages, individual departures and without fixed dates to be respected, guides in Italian almost everywhere, medium and private professional driver. If you want and if you know a little 'English you can' save with some group day tour, but sure that the private tour ensures that freedom 'that the group tours can not certainly give.
Everything has its fair price and with Friends you can learn about this fantastic country by spending the right and good, with hotels and first-class services and assistance in Italian.
So take a look at our itineraries, they are an example of what you can do and visit in this country that will amaze you with its really intense beauty. Good Vietnam to all, good discovery of this country, be accompanied by My Friends who are keen to make you come home with the smile of someone who has seen something that is worth returning to ;-)