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CAMBODIA-The capital of this country, Phnom Penh, difficult to write but easy to love, tells you an esteem of this city that will remain in your heart .. beautiful and safe, easy and complex ... has seen the atrocities of a lousy regime like all regimes, crazed with selfishness, they wanted to kill everyone and it all ended in a flash when they turned their madness against themselves, killing each other like an incredible video game, then unknown. This city arrives after 240 km of Tonle Sap Lake, finished the most extended lake in Asia, here it is, the door to the South, towards the sea and to Vietnam which from here is a boat ride down on the Mekong Delta. Walk and watch it when you wake up, go out at 6 in the morning before our guide goes to pick you up, breathe the Mekong, there 'a few steps from your hotel, watch the day be born here and you will be reborn a little' you.



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