Off the southern coast of Phuket, about 12 km, there are a number of small islands, whose pristine waters attract divers and more. They are all uninhabited except Coral and Raya Island (also known as Racha Island) that have possibilities of accommodation and catering.If you go to Raya Island, and if you go to walk in his paths you will be able to get a glimpse of monitor lizards, the lizards that inhabit it. Raya Island is a preferred destination for yachts, the crews often make a stop at the resort on the island. Raya Yai is traveled by short dirt roads, in addition to snorkeling and hiking in nature, you can go in mountain bike. Raya Island consists of two islands: Raya Yai and Raya Noi (Yai in Thai means big, Noi means small), Raya Yai is covered by short dirt roads, as well as snorkeling and hiking in nature, and 'can in fact practice mountain biking. Raya Noi doesn’t offer any services.