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Dear Friends, Bangkok is a first level international crossroads, it’s a megalopolis in which you do not know how people live so close together, so narrow and always clashing its narrow streets, narrow sidewalks, and yet this city ‘has much to show, temples and environments and situations that are worth trying. Bangkok to be a minimum... ALL TOURS Bangkok

ANG THONG (Wat Muang)

In Ang Thong the sky shares its space with this colossus, the Wat Muang Ang Thong. The biggest Buddha Wat Muang Ang Thong of Thailand. Wat Muang is the home of The Big Buddha, also known as Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin and Mahaminh Sakayamunee Visejchaicharn, which is the tallest Buddha statue in Thailand and the 9th tallest in the world. Located in... ALL TOURS Ang thong (wat muang)


The ancient city of Ayutthaya can be considered an island set between three rivers: the Chao Phraya River, the Lopburi River and the Pa Sak. One of the most classic photographs of Ayutthaya is the sculpture of the head of Buddha, set in the tree branches, although the sculpture may appear majestic, it is surprising that they are just over 40... ALL TOURS Ayutthaya


Khao Yai National Park is a Thai national park. It was one of the first national parks of the state, inaugurated on 18 September 1962. The main founder was Boonsong Lekakul, one of the 20 most famous conservationists in Thailand. In 1984 the park was included among the parks protected by ASEAN, while on July 14, 2005, together with other parks... ALL TOURS Khao yai national park


Lopburi is about 70 km from Ayutthaya and is a very picturesque place, that’s why you absolutely must see Lopburi. It is well known as the city of monkeys, in fact it is composed of about 26,000 people and about 2,000 monkeys … many meet to visit the Phra Prang Sam Yot, the most famous temple in the city, and the San Phra Kan or the... ALL TOURS Lopburi


Bangkok Markets are the most requested thing after the Royal Palace, the markets like them so much, this promiscuity of people looking for their merchandise, their object or food of desire. Near Bangkok, but relatively close as we speak of an hour and a half of stada, there are at least three very famous and they are The Maeklong Railway Market,... ALL TOURS Markets


Even today, the old town is enclosed in this quadrangle. Of ancient origins, even predating those of historic Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is home to one of the classic tourist destinations in Thailand.In a short distance from Chiang mai, there is the Golden Triangle, a region of rolling hills, once famous for the production of opium and heroin, but... ALL TOURS Chiang mai


Chiang Rai is a province located about 200 km north-east from Chiang Mai, three hours drive. It is undoubtedly the Thai stereotype composed of verdant hills, rice fields and tea plantations and large open spaces. This is in effect Chiang Rai, a set of unique and unmissable elements that strongly characterize this country both in reality and in the... ALL TOURS Chiang rai


Here in the North, in the Chiang Mai area, is the home of the elephant, and it is also from where the birth of awareness began with regards to the treatment of this animal and the first sanctuaries of the elephants have risen, in fact there are several years that you use to come to make this kind of experience that is very emotional and... ALL TOURS Elephant's north


Pai and Mae Hong Son represent the escape from traditional tourist routes and an immersion in nature. Pai is charming and international and you will find a really interesting dimension, if you want naif. Become famous thanks to the back packers, Pai is a village gem to walk on foot lightly. Mae Hong Son is the main gateway for mountain walks of... ALL TOURS Pai & mae hong son


We are in the right place, the area lends itself a lot and in addition we will find as well as so much nature even so much culture meeting the numerous mountain tribes that inhabit the area. Some have lived there for hundreds of years and only now in some areas has modernity arrived, bringing its load of images and digital. You will be able to... ALL TOURS Trekking


All major land and sea services in Thailand, taxis, ferries to the major and most famous islands. If you need a taxi from Phuket Airport or from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or the Phi Phi Island ferry, Lipe … all transfers Here you will find all the connections for Phi Phi Island, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Samui, Koh Pangan, Koh Tao, Khao Lak, Krabi,... ALL TOURS Ground-sea transfers


Kanchanaburi is a very popular province frequented both by locals and by international tourists, including the Italian to whom this area really likes. Kanchanaburi is located not far from Bangkok about two hours by minivan and you will find several interesting things such as the famous Death Railway on which you can also do a ride, and then the... ALL TOURS Kanchanaburi


Kanchanaburi -The Death Railway is the way to call this stretch of railway that has now become legendary. The story tells of terrible working conditions where more than 50,000 people were employed, most of whom were American, Dutch, Australian and British prisoners of war, as well as Thai and Burmese civilians. The Bridge on the River Kwai is a... ALL TOURS Death railway


KANCHANABURI – In this area, less than 3 hours from Bangkok, there is the most important Sanctuary of the Elephants, the Elephant Haven Thailand, where the beautiful creatures can be approached without damaging them. In fact, unlike the harmful trekking on their backs that we do not sell absolutely, as well as many other operators with... ALL TOURS Elephants in kanchanaburi


The Erawan Falls in the province of kanchanaburi are a must see, immersed in the homonymous Natural Park and not far from Kanchanaburi itself, once you enter the park you can reach it with a light walk of just over an hour and you will be at the top of the falls . At this point, it will be enough to go down the seven levels that compose it,... ALL TOURS Erawan waterfall


Khao Lak is located about 60 kilometers north of Phuket. It is an area that appeals for its proximity to the famous Similan and Surin islands that are located offshore, just over an hour from the coast. It is also a National Park, the Khao Lak / Lam Ru National Parks presents a large protected area just north of Phang Nga, the bay of the famous... ALL TOURS Khao lak


The Khao Sok National Park contains the largest virgin forest of Thailand and it is older and most varied of the Amazon jungle in South America. It covers 739 square kilometers, and is estimated to contain more than 5% of the animals world species – only 30% of which have been identified! Knowns for its limestone formations, breathtaking... ALL TOURS Khao sok


Koh Chang, which in Thai means the elephant island, also because of its shape, is the second largest island of Thailand after Phuket island. It located about 300 kilometers east of Bangkok in the province of Trat in the Gulf of Thailand, near the border with Cambodia. Koh Chang is part of the National Park Mu Ko Chang. Despite its increase in... ALL TOURS Koh chang

KO KUT (Koh Kood)

We find ourselves in the presence of a queen, Ko Kut is often hailed as the perfect Thai island, and it is hard to blame her and argue with such recognition. Supersoft sands are like talcum, the water that laps the bays is clear and there are more coconut palms than buildings. Unlike its neighbor Ko Chang, here you can forget about the night life... ALL TOURS Ko kut (koh kood)


Koh Samed is one of the islands on the east coast of Thailand. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of the Thai province of Rayong, 85 Km from Pattaya, a famous resort two hours from Bangkok. Koh Samed measures 6.8 kilometers from north to south. It is only 2.6 km away. from the mainland but the actual travel distance from the main... ALL TOURS Koh samed


Koh Lanta, the perfect island for those who want nature and tranquility, on an island that is still on a human scale, calm and peaceful, less than an hour from the nearby and much more popular Phi Phi Island. As you go down south of this island you get the impression that nothing increases and only lovers of nothingness will venture south of Ko... ALL TOURS Koh lanta


Ko Lipe, as it should be written, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, not only in Thailand, so it’s hard to describe it without being a bit of a part ;-). It is located at the end of the village, about 140 km from the sea from Phuket, and is the last Thai island before Malaysia. It’s nice, clean, warm, it’s nice,... ALL TOURS Koh lipe


Koh Samui is in the Gulf of Thailand, about 35 km northeast of Surat Thani town . It is the most significant island in the Chumphon Archipelago. The island measures some 25 km at its widest point. It is surrounded by about sixty other islands, which together compose the Ang Thong Marine National Park (Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park) and include... ALL TOURS Koh samui


Krabi is a special destination, just 50 minutes by speedboat from Phuket, one and half hour of ferry, it is a world made of 83 tropical islands. Krabi town is a few kilometers inland from the bay. All these beautiful islands form a unique and unmistakable pattern, white sandy beaches alternate with calcareous rocks forms the most bizarre caves,... ALL TOURS Krabi


If you are looking for peace and tranquility, stay away from here, Pattaya is famous for something else, its reputation as a city of sex is well deserved, with hundreds of go-go bars and massage salons of all kinds and tastes, this city ​​never sleeps. But of course Pattaya is not just that, its 10 million visitors a year are not all looking... ALL TOURS Pattaya


Phuket, being an island, enjoys a constant breeze and even during the most hot climate it is nice. The temperature never drops below 23 degrees and it is never hotter than 34 degrees Celsius. From November to April, dry season, the sea is calm and confident and rarely or almost never it rains. From April to October, wet season, it rains more... ALL TOURS Phuket


Phang Nga Bay is located between the island of Phuket and the mainland of the peninsula of Thailand which will become Malaysia most southerly.It is extended by 400 square kilometers and is one of the things most fascinating that you can see. It is Natural Park since 1981 and it is part of Ao Phang Nga National Park. Geologically is very... ALL TOURS James bond island


Phi Phi Island is an archipelago of two main islands , Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh . Phi Phi Don is densely populated of resorts, Phi Phi Leh is uninhabited and it’s very beautiful to visit it. The rest of the archipelago is made up of small islands such as Bamboo Island or BidaNok and Bida We, plots of land in... ALL TOURS Phi phi island


Off the southern coast of Phuket, about 12 km, there are a number of small islands, whose pristine waters attract divers and more. They are all uninhabited except Coral and Raya Island (also known as Racha Island) that have possibilities of accommodation and catering.If you go to Raya Island, and if you go to walk in his paths you will be able to... ALL TOURS Raya island, coral island


Similan is a Yawi or Malay word, which means nine or a group of nine islands. In 1982, this 128 square kilometres area was declared a marine national park, and in recent years this group of nine small islands has become one of the leading attractions for visitors to Southern Thailand. With the establishment of stations by the Royal Forestry... ALL TOURS Similan islands


They are located approximately 130 kilometers north of Phuket, were “discovered” in the early 70s and it is the area most beautiful, remote and wild of the Andaman Sea, the best snorkeling of Thailand.From Phuket, we can also go there by day, is a pretty discouraged given the distance.However, much recommended, is the trip of two or... ALL TOURS Surin island