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We are in the right place, the area lends itself a lot and in addition we will find as well as so much nature even so much culture meeting the numerous mountain tribes that inhabit the area. Some have lived there for hundreds of years and only now in some areas has modernity arrived, bringing its load of images and digital.
You will be able to walk on these hills cultivated with rice or in more mountainous areas but still in much less harsh environments of our slopes.
So you will find all the trekking you need, you like the hill and the mountain here you will have a lot to read because you can find trips from one to more 'days, to sleep in the now very popular homestay, the houses of the premises, many of these trekking provide in fact the home stay accommodation, often mandatory, having no choice ... but who loves, seeks and makes such a kind of trips knows that the accommodation is not the reason that pushes for a weekend trekking trek in the mountains of Chiang Never ;-)
So enjoy our trekking, there are all the areas and all the best itineraries, chosen one by one for its characteristics ... good walk!



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