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Vang Vieng is located in the center of Laos, about four hours away from the capital of Vientiane, this once peaceful agricultural village, known for its wonderful limestone cliffs, caves and forests, has been transformed into a a seething epicenter of crazy adventurers. It had indeed become a rite of passage for the young dwellers traveling through Laos, and tubing was her last act of initiation. The tubing, which consists in floating along the meander of the Nam Song river in tractors' air chambers, leads you to dangle between a swing and a slide that you will find in piles along the banks populated by dubious presences of young celebrants. Vang Vieng is a bit 'improved by the lysergic marasmus of 2012, is slowly "recovering" but undoubtedly the damage has been done and will never' ever go back to the purity and magnificence of the past, the ignorant barbarians are already ' I went down here too. The important question to ask is if Vang Vieng is still worth being included in our itineraries ... the answer is affirmative, this area is absolutely not to be missed and fortunately the time-wasters are abandoning it: tubing, walks, caves, the surroundings of Vang Vieng are a bottomless



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