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LAOS- Vientiane is the capital of Laos and also a vibrant and interesting town with a colonial style all of its own and a beautiful border town atmosphere such as ... cafes and bars, excellent hotels, walks through the wide avenues trees that compose it, important temples and always the inevitable Mekong to walk alongside on the endless walk taken by assault by the many who give themselves to the regenerating evening races. It's a nice Vientiane place that will miss you more than you thought, there's a little bit of everything and there's still that exotic taste that Laos represents well. We just have to walk through its streets, enter its temples, its shops and then stop to see the water of the great river that never stops running towards its delta south of it all. Our guide will be useful in your days in this area, showing you everything in the best way so that even Vientiane will stay in your best memories for a long time.



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